Our Unique Support Guarantee

Because our services are critical to the companies and people we service we do more than make promises we live up to them. The only way we can do that properly is by helping you succeed.

The First Time Done Right Promise:

With Flat Rate Computer Solutions you will never pay for the same service or project two times.

We believe in doing the job right the first time, every time. If we have to return to fix the same thing you don't pay.

Business Critical Service:

Flat Rate Computer Solutions guarantees your up time! If your computer or server goes down as a result of an error there is no charge for the time, materials, etc to bring you back up and prevent the problem from recurring again.

Have you ever paid a consultant to install a system, then paid him again to fix it, then paid him again to fix it again? While our competitors profit two or three times for emergency service, we insure it doesn't happen in the first place! If we installed, and maintained your systems and it ever goes down as a result of our errors, oversight, fault, etc we'll fix it fore free.

No matter what it takes, that includes parts labor and anything else necessary including the pizzas.

President Direct Promise:

Flat Rate Computer Solutions clients will always have direct emergency 24/7/365 access to the President of the company, Maurice Jacobs.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get a hold of your technology provider in an emergency. With all of the Technical Systems we have in place (call forwarding, answering service, etc) to insure that never happens, there is always a chance a call will slip through which is completely unacceptable to us.

That's why our customers always have direct emergency access to my home number and mobile number for emergencies. The same phone I carry everywhere!! The same phone I set on the night stand next to me, the same phone I carry with me 24 hours a day even on vacation.


Maurice Jacobs


Flat Rate Computer Solutions